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A project list is your resume’s “missing link”

You’ve probably heard everything there is to hear about what makes a good resume. Concise explanations of your experience, your goals, a theme of possibility; all of that is very important when going on the hunt for the next step in your career. A good resume isn’t always going to be enough for an employer…

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Job applications and resume on desk

3 Career Moves That Can Get Recruiters to Contact You

The job search can be exhausting, especially when you send out countless applications daily and never get so much as a phone call in return. Instead of tossing your resume into the abyss again and again, what if recruiters and employers contacted you directly? The truth is, many employers may prefer to look online and…

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How do you effectively communicate with a recruiter?

Searching for a new job can be made easier with the help of an experienced and knowledgeable recruiter. It’s not job-hunting on autopilot, however. Your success with recruiters depends upon a solid foundation of communication about essential components of your job search. So, how do you communicate with your recruiter in a manner conducive to…

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Communication skills building blocks

Why communication is key when looking for a job

Searching for the next step in your career can be a daunting process, but your chances at landing the job of your dreams can be substantially improved by sticking to the principles of good communication. Communication skills are one of the most valuable skills an employee can possess, so rather than simply including that on…

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Your social media presence may be affecting your job search

In the information age, just about anything you’d like to know about can be accessed with a few searched keywords and the click (or tap) of a button. In a matter of milliseconds, you can find out about restaurants, events, and things to do around town. In the same way, someone interested in who you…

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Should I apply to a job I’m not qualified for?

Dissatisfaction with your career is a theme that rather unfortunately occupies much of the world’s literature, entertainment, and even idioms. However, in the information age, more and more people are deciding they no longer want to grin and bear it; some are making the switch from their established careers to completely different industries where they’ll…

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Job References

The Value of References in a Job Search

Every time you embark on a new job search, you know you have to have the full package to catch eyes. But while your resume, personal statement, and other materials are a very important part of your application, having strong, positive professional references can be a secret power later on in the hiring process. Read…

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Tailored resume for engineering job application

Tailor Your Resume to Increase Job Opportunities

Job hunting can be a drag; after sending tens, if not hundreds of resumes to prospective employers, you might feel lucky to get one or two calls back. It’s a common complaint that recruiting agencies, career coaches, and sympathetic friends hear all the time, but it’s also not an impossible problem to solve. Taking your…

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