The Architecture Industry

Architecture makes up the “A” in the AEC specialties. The Architecture industry is involved in planning and designing buildings, structures, and surrounding spaces. Diamond Peak Recruiting partners with Architecture firms of all sizes to assist you to fill positions of need.

Diamond Peak Recruiting Specializes in Architecture Recruiting

We assist companies all across the United States in identifying and introducing candidates that fit the customized needs of your team. Our nationwide team of recruiters specializes in placing candidates within Architecture firms of all sizes. We have worked with companies that are local residential interior design firms, to large firms working on massive design projects. Your architectural project is neither too big nor small for Diamond Peak Recruiting.

We know the Architecture industry is large and complex while covering many different specialties. We have experience in recruiting for architectural positions with the Civil, Commercial, Industrial, Interior, Landscape, and Residential, spaces.

Types of Architecture Positions Filled

Our team of nationwide recruiters has experience filling the following jobs within the architecture industry.

  • Architect
  • Architectural Designer
  • Business Development Executive
  • Interior Designer
  • Job Captain
  • Marketing Executive
  • Project Director
  • Project Manager and Senior Project Manager
  • Proposal Expert
  • Studio Lead
  • Technical Designer

Let Diamond Peak Recruiting help you find an Architectural candidate or position

If you’re an Architecture company looking to fill a position or an architect looking to advance your career, please reach out via the contact form. Let us help you find the perfect match.

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