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Construction hard hat next to computer

What Is A Construction Estimator?

One of the most important roles in the construction process is the construction estimator, which often goes unrecognized. A construction…

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October is Careers in Construction Month!

Careers in Construction Month, also known as CICM, is a month dedicated to construction careers. Each October, construction professionals and…

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Construction workers looking at blueprints

The Career Path of a Construction Superintendent

For aspiring construction industry professionals, understanding potential career paths available to you is an essential first step in your career…

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Construction Recruiter

Top 3 Benefits of Working with a Construction Recruiter

The job search can be very difficult and frustrating. You sit on platforms like LinkedIn, Zip Recruiter, Indeed, Monster Jobs,…

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A Day in The Life of a Construction Project Manager

One of the best parts about working in construction is the many opportunities available for advancement. There are many different…

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What Are The AEC and MEP Industries?

In the construction world, two common terms are the AEC industries and the MEP industries. At Diamond Peak, we have…

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Women in Construction 2022

The construction industry remains largely dominated by men, however, roles in the industry for women are on the rise. The…

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Construction Industry Trends to watch in 2022

2022 is poised to be a big year for construction. As the world recovers from some of the impacts of…

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Common Interview Questions to be Prepared For

Finding a construction job can be a stressful process. As good as it feels to finally land an interview at…

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