The Plumbing Industry

The Plumbing industry rounds out the MEP space. While many people lump Plumbing into the mechanical space, it’s a field of its own. Plumbing is a very advanced industry that spans many disciplines and we at Diamond Peak Recruiting have experience across all of them.

Diamond Peak Recruiting Specializes in Plumbing Recruiting

The “traditional” view of the Plumbing industry incorporates a variety of residential services including installation, repairs, maintenance, and emergency servicing. Diamond Peak Recruiting also specializes in working with plumbing companies that work on large commercial and industrial buildings and plants. These facilities all require complex and sophisticated plumbing systems, including design and installation/construction. We have worked with plumbing companies nationwide to fill a variety of roles within the Plumbing industry.

Types of Plumbing Positions Filled

Our team of nationwide recruiters has experience filling the following jobs within the Plumbing Industry:

  • Assistant Project Manager
  • Estimator & PreCon Expert at all levels 
  • Licensed Journeyman Plumber
  • Plumbing Designer
  • Plumbing Inspector
  • Project Director, Vice President, and Regional Leader
  • Project Engineer and Senior Project Engineer
  • Project Manager and Senior Project Manager 
  • Superintendent

Let Diamond Peak Recruiting help you find a Plumbing candidate or position

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