Preparing for Winter Construction Projects

Construction workers in winter

Each season poses unique challenges for the construction industry. As winter, and its colder months approach, it’s important to set your team and projects up for success. 

Without proper preparation, winter can interfere with your construction work. 

Fortunately, there are a few simple ways to ensure the best possible winter construction season. 

Let’s dive into some ways to prepare for winter construction projects. 

Plan for Delays 

When planning winter projects, plan ahead for delays. Unpredictable weather and poor conditions may put your project on a halt some days. Plan for “makeup days” ahead of time with your team, so that you can work together to keep all projects on task during the winter. 

Warm Break Area

Some projects do not take place near a heated building. You need to create a warm break area for your team, which may mean bringing a portable tent. Make sure the area is heated, so your team can come and warm up between tasks. This is crucial for health, safety, and employee satisfaction. 

Avoid Breaking New Ground

Projects that require you to break new ground are best left for the warmer months. Even in the Southeast and Southwest, the ground can become frozen and difficult to penetrate during the winter. There are solutions for breaking through frozen ground, but they add cost and time to the project. Ideally, aim to keep the ground-breaking projects for the warmer season. 

Equipment and Gear

Make sure your team has the cold and wet weather gear they need. The right equipment keeps workers safe and helps ensure productivity. Check-in with your team to find out what they use during the winter and what they need to do their jobs successfully. Overall, make sure they have the right footwear, gloves, layers, and protective gear for working during these months. 

Winter Training 

Train your team to safely use equipment and tools during winter. OSHA requires this training, including training for driving and operating machinery. Teach your team best practices and allow them to practice in safe places, like parking lots. 

Focus on Inside Jobs

Consider focusing on inside projects during the winter. Many clients may not be interested in starting their outdoor construction project during the cold months. However, many will be looking to improve their building efficiency,  insulation, and more. They may also be looking to build out current spaces to suit new tenants. Promote your comfort-boosting services and built-to-suit services. 

Dedicate Time to Improving Your Business

Work may be a bit slower during the winter, so this is the perfect time to improve your team. Address equipment needs by performing any necessary maintenance and repairs. Assess your technology and evaluate your needs for technology, suppliers, employees, and more. 

Complete Your Winter Construction Team

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