Free eBook! Resume and Interview Tips for the AEC and MEP Industries

2020 was an unprecedented year in many industries and businesses due to COVID-19. The AEC and MEP fields are no exception with major pauses and shifts in business priorities.  

Many construction projects paused, followed by major shifts within the industry. Office and restaurant renovations became a big focus as employers looked to safeguard those places with updated ventilation systems. Residential construction and remodeling exploded as well. People started working from home, and in some cases, moved away from urban city centers. General contractors and home builders have seen project backlogs and materials increase in price as people started developing home offices, doing renovation projects, and building new homes.

Perhaps your job was impacted by COVID-19. Perhaps you are looking for a promotion. Maybe your family is moving across the country and you need to find a job in your new city. Maybe you’re graduating and are ready to take your experience from internships and apply it to your first job. The job search can be nerve-wracking, no matter your reason for looking.

We’ve taken the opportunity to write this eBook and highlight various resume and interview tips for those in the AEC and MEP industries. We hope you find it helpful and are able to put these tips to good use.

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