Four Resolutions for Companies and Organizations in 2021

To continue the theme of resolutions as we start 2021, we are highlighting our top four new year’s resolutions all organizations should consider implementing throughout the upcoming year.

Standardize your process

Make sure you have a standardized and organized hiring process set in place for 2021. Standardizing your hiring process makes things easier on everyone – your HR team, your new hires, their managers, and all the way down to all employees. There is no need to reinvent the wheel or scramble to create documents every time you make a hire. Write things down. Put a process in place. Stick to that process for all hires. It will truly make a difference in efficiency moving forward.

Increase your diversity efforts

It is more important now than ever to encourage and promote diversity in the workplace. Diversity leads to multiple ideas and opinions since people have different backgrounds and experiences which helps shape their views and thoughts. Research also shows that a diverse workplace increases productivity, company culture, and employee retention.

Leverage social media

If you are not leveraging social media, you are falling further and further behind by the day. It is 2021. Social media is not a fad or something to be ignored. It has been a mainstream part of our lives for more than a decade and is an important part of the marketing mix. Social media is an important tool for any business to highlight their business, employees, and industry they work in. Do not skimp on social and do not think it is strictly for an intern. Have a plan in place and you can reap the benefits of a solid social and digital strategy.

Improve your employee experience

What are you doing to engage and fulfill your team members every single day they come to work? Do you promote a positive work environment? Do you have employee morale programs? Do you have education efforts? All of these and more are important factors in contributing to a positive employee experience. Happy employees are more likely to be more productive and have less conflict. They also tend to stay with a company for a longer period of time, decreasing turnover rate.

If you follow or adopt these four new year’s resolutions, you will have a successful 2021. If you are doing any hiring within the AEC or MEP verticals, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team. Have a good year everybody!