What Are The AEC and MEP Industries?

In the construction world, two common terms are the AEC industries and the MEP industries.

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What exactly do AEC and MEP mean, though?

AEC stands for “Architecture, Engineering, and Construction.”

MEP stands for “Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing.”

Here, we have broken down what each term means to provide an overview and introduction to the industry as a whole.

The AEC Industries

Professionals in the AEC industries work together to see construction projects through from the very beginning stages all the way to the end.

Each piece of these industries focus on a different part of the construction process. Whether you are interested in architecture, engineering, or construction, you can collaborate with professionals in the other pieces of the industry to complete projects.


Architecture professionals are responsible for the initial planning stages of a project.

In the architecture field, you will be involved in designing and planning buildings, structures, and the surrounding areas for them.

There are many different specialities to pursue within the world of architecture. For example, our AEC recruiters fill job positions for architects, interior designers, and proposal experts, just to name a few. 

Architecture professionals combine aesthetically pleasing visuals with practical plans so that each construction project is set up to succeed.


Engineers use their knowledge of science and technology to build and design tunnels, bridges, machines, roads, and railways. 

Engineering is a varied industry with a wide range of specialties and responsibilities, just like the rest of the AEC industries.

Whether you have an interest in mechanical, civil, electrical, or commercial engineering, this industry has a job for you with companies that have a vast range of needs.


All three industries in the AEC world are connected to construction.

This complex industry is the final piece of the AEC puzzle and consists of professionals who see construction projects through to their completion.

Our AEC recruiting experts have placed construction professionals in a number of roles, including project managers, superintendents, safety managers, foremen, heavy equipment operators, and estimators.

If you want to work together with architects and engineers to finish a range of exciting construction projects, the construction industry is the place for you.

The MEP Industries

The MEP systems within a building are what keep everything else running smoothly. 

In these industries, professionals get to ensure safety and security for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems in everything from single-family homes to towering office buildings.

Our MEP recruiters know how important it is to have the right people in these job roles. This is just a brief introduction to the wide world of MEP careers.


Mechanical professionals specialize in the HVAC, piping, ventilation, and exhaustion systems of buildings. 

These are the elements of a building that make life comfortable. HVAC technicians in the mechanical industry make sure that all buildings maintain the right temperature, regardless of the outside weather conditions.

Some of the mechanical roles our MEP recruiting experts fill include mechanical designers, HVAC service technicians, project engineers, and sheet metal foremen and fabricators. 


Without lighting and electricity inside buildings, people would struggle to complete daily tasks.

A career in the electrical industry gives you the power to keep these crucial systems running and help other people live in the best conditions.

Electrical professionals are needed in all areas of the job market, from civil and residential to industrial and commercial.

You could work on the illumination of tunnels and bridges to give drivers a safe path to travel at night, or you could maintain the lighting systems for an entire community of family homes.


The final piece of the MEP puzzle is the plumbing industry. This is often viewed as just one component of the larger mechanical space, but plumbing stands on its own as a varied career field with an important role to play.

Plumbing professionals construct systems that take away sanitary wastewater and stormwater and provide people with clean, fresh drinking water for all of their daily needs.

While the most common perception of plumbing is the type done for residential housing, industrial and commercial facilities also need plumbing professionals to run properly.

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