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Social media icons on phone

Your social media presence may be affecting your job search

In the information age, just about anything you’d like to know about can be accessed with a few ...
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Construction job application form

Should I apply to a job I’m not qualified for?

Dissatisfaction with your career is a theme that rather unfortunately occupies much of the world’s literature, entertainment, and ...
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Job References

The Value of References in a Job Search

Every time you embark on a new job search, you know you have to have the full package ...
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Tailored resume for engineering job application

Tailor Your Resume to Increase Job Opportunities

Job hunting can be a drag; after sending tens, if not hundreds of resumes to prospective employers, you ...
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Construction worker shaking hand of newly hired employee

7 Interview Tips to Land Your Next Construction Job

Do you have a construction interview lined up? Whether you’re new or an experienced professional in the construction ...
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Recruiters looking for job applicants

Top 10 Things Recruiters Look For

When scouting potential candidates, and reviewing resumes that have already been submitted, there are several things that every ...
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Costs of a bad hire

The Cost of a Bad Hire

Hiring the right candidate can change a company for the better. They can bring in new ideas and ...
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Resume tips for construction professionals

Upgrade Your Construction Career by Updating Your Resume

Building a home might be hard work, but building a good resume can be even harder. It doesn’t ...
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Working with a recruiting company

Working with a Recruiting Company

If you have experience trying to find the right candidate for an open position at your company, you ...
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